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   In the summer of 2010, two of our daughters were volunteering at a feeding program summer camp held at the big purple church on the corner of Cline and Dekalb. They came home from the camp and said they had found the perfect place for us to open "our cafe"...the purple church.  At this point, we had already been working on our menu and a concept for the cafe for a couple of months by then. We knew we wanted to make as much of our food from scratch as we could, we did not want to serve food with High Fructose Corn Syrup, and we wanted to be a breakfast and lunch cafe.

   Not long after, school had started, and fall was in full swing. Our oldest daughter came home from school one cold and rainy October afternoon and we decided to put on our slickers and go check out the purple church. The church was locked up tight and there was a rainstorm outside. I took a look through the skinny long windows in the front two doors. The stained glass windows were beautiful and amazing. The bright gray light from the storm outside turned the window colors into rich hues of green, purple, and was a moment that I will never forget.


   I had chills down my arm, I turned to my daughter and said I think we found our cafe...and you're right,  we should live here too.  We met with the owners of the building in December. They loved our concept and agreed that we should live here and open our cafe of home made comfort food made from scratch. We have been open since October 2012, and don't intend on going anywhere.
- Suanne          

The Home Made Cafe represented the SK Helpline Food Bank on April 1st, 2017 at a Stew Competition at the Eagles Club and we are thrilled to announce that Chef Paul and Chef Brandon took first place for their incredible home made stew! Way to go guys! 

We are a family business, often times you will see our older daughters in our cafe on the weekends and our extended family in the cafe itself and the kitchen. We have an incredible group of talented passionate people who love to create home made comfort food from scratch.
People often ask how come our food is so delicious? We always answer the same way...because it's made with a lot of love. Our recipes are the same ones that we use in our kitchen at home and our family helped to select the items for our delicious menu.  We are stepping back in time with flavor and staying current with family-friendly service!

We won the Edg3 Fund Award on November 16th 2017!

Kitsap Bank held the fourth annual Edg3 Fund Competition Award Ceremony in Bremerton on Thursday night. The Home Made Cafe had the honor of being one of the five finalists for the $20,000 grant provided by the Kitsap Bank. With a five minute long speech in hand, enough nibbles for a couple of hundred people, a fabulous table display, and family by their side the two owners of the HMC made their way to the event. 


Suanne and Paul set up shop at the event; table up and running with HMC's Mac 'n Cheese, Turkey Pinwheels, and Apple Spice Cake hit the nose with pleasant aromas and for the eyes was a table decorated with warm and inviting decor. Paul served the Mac himself for the beginning of the evening until the ceremony (pictured above, Kitsap Daily News) and then the night began.


After watching the videos of each business and watching each owner speak about what they do with such passion, it was left to the three judges to decide.


When the winner of the grant was announced, both tables full of supporters for the HMC sprang to their feet and cheered as Paul and Suanne accepted the giant check in front of 300 people. 

(Right is a picture of them at the event right afterward)


To learn more about this experience, check out this article by Kitsap Sun:




The Home Made Cafe is lucky enough to belong to such a wonderful and supporting community, and we wanted to give our heartfelt thanks to everyone who was there that night. 


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